Lee Ferrin

Career, Education, Military Experience:
3 years at Weber State, graduated from UofU and 1 year Graduate work at UofU. Joined Air Force ROTC so that I could graduate before going to Vietnam. I was commissioned as a 2nd Leutenant in the Air Force just as President Nixon ended the war. I served 3 months active duty and then was put into the inactive reserve until I was discharged. I graduated in Electrical Engineering and continued in the job that had put me through school, selling wholesale electrical equipment. I have really enjoyed my job and it has taken good care of my family.

Favorite Memories of Weber High:
Teamac and many good friends and fun times.

Have you traveled? where? why?:
Served a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS in the German part of Switzerland. Traveled to many areas of the USA on vacations and business.

Family & Grandkids

After my mission I met a very special and beautiful girl who graduated from Ogden High. We dated for quite a while and then I finally got enough courage to propose. We have had a fantastic life, being blessed with 4 very special children (2 boys and twin daughters). We had such a wonderful time as they grew up, loving and following all of their activities. My son and I decided to build him a house. We knew that it would be a lot of work and it certainly was. It took us about a year and we did much of the work. It is a beautiful house and we often look at it and say to one another, "I can't believe we actually built that." We then assisted our daughters in building another home, but we subcontracted a lot more of it out. My wife Kathy has retired from teaching Math at Layton HS. I'm still working but will probably retire this year. Our family still works on projects together and we love being and working together. We now have 7 very precious grandchildren (3 boys and 4 girls).

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