Larry J Foote

Career, Education, Military:
Entered the military after high school and served for three years in the Marine Corps, including Viet Nam. After coming home, earned an associate Degree in Accounting and Business Management, followed by 35 years at Hill Air Force Base. Retired in 2006. Also served in the U.S. Sea Bees (Navy Reserves) for 10 years and then Air Force Reserves for 22 years. Retired from Military Service in 2001.

Favorite Memories of Weber High:
Early Morning Seminary, Football games, FFA classes, great classmates and teachers.

Lots of travel in the military, including Puerto Rico, Okinawa, Viet Nam, Bermuda, Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium, Iceland and multiple trips to Europe, the Philippines, Japan and Korea. Have also been to Mexico, Canada, England and all but 5 states in the U.S. Hobbies, Interests:

Jeeping in Moab, Camping with Family, All-Terrain-Vehicle off-roading, Travel (Would like to visit the 5 states I haven’t been to, and a few more continents before I’m done.)

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