Verlene Clarke (Scott)

Career, Education, Military Experience:
I have enjoyed a wonderful career as an RN with Intermountain Health Care, but have retired now "twice"

Favorite Memories of Weber High:
Great Lifetime Friends & Teachers. ie: Mr. Call's Chemistry class "explosions" & I do love history!! Thanks to Hoskins & Fleming

Have you traveled? where? why?:
We have traveled in the USA, Paris & Normandy & Hawaii for fun. But my heart is in Africa. Travelled to Mali West Africa for Medical Expeditions, then my husband & I served a few missions in East Africa for the LDS Church in Kenya. There are now 4 little Verlene's in Kenya.

I still enjoy Music ( Thank You Mr. Nye) enjoy spending time with a wonderful husband. Our blended family includes 11 children & 40+ grandchildren. Love camping & any family projects. Is shopping a hobby???

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